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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stay rightly tuned!

And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice. John 10 : 4

Good morning, friends.

Robert Fulton invented the steamboat. On the banks of the Hudson River he was displaying his new invention. The pessimists and the skeptics were gathered around to observe. They commented that it would never start. Lo and behold, it did. As it made its way down the river, the pessimists who said it would never go, started shouting that it would never stop.

Let us see two people from the Holy Bible and their attitudes. I'm sorry for more red colored text today.

Noah - God saddened at the wickedness of mankind, decided to destroy all life. But he saw that Noah was a righteous man, and instructed him to build an ark and gather himself and his family with every type of animal, male and female. I watched a DVD which shows the first 22 chapters of Genesis. It pictured the life of Noah and the flood so beautifully. When Noah built the ark as commanded by the Lord, the people around him laughed at him saying, "Why is this fool building an ark? Is he going to sail on the dry land?" But Noah didn't listen to them. The Flood came, and all life was extinguished, except for those who were with Noah.

Nehemiah - Nehemiah heard of the mournful and desolate condition of Jerusalem, and was filled with sadness of heart. For many days he fasted and mourned and prayed for the place of his fathers. At length the king observed his sadness of countenance and asked the reason of it. Nehemiah explained this to the king, and obtained his permission to go up to Jerusalem. On his arrival in Jerusalem, Nehemiah began to survey the city secretly at night, and formed a plan for its restoration; a plan which he carried out with great skill and energy. He gathered the people and they all with all their hearts started building the wall of Jerusalem. Tobiah said, "What are they building? Even if a fox climbed up on it, it would break down". But Nehemiah strengthened his people saying, "Our great and awesome God will fight for us." And the result was the whole wall was completed over an astounding 52-days span.

Can you guess why they had such a good attitude? I believe it was only because of their faith in the Living Lord. Unless we have hope on Him, we can never have such an attitude when we hear pessimistic words from others. Their focuses were only on the Lord's words and not on anyone else'. In other words, they exactly tuned their antenna to pick the signals from the Lord and not from the others. He is our good shepherd. The sheep knows its master's voice correctly. So let us all learn to stay tuned to the His voice which can easily strengthen us when we are about to give up. So just stay tuned!!!

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