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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Best is yet to come!

Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses. 1 Timothy 6 : 12

Good morning, friends.

Martha told,“Preacher, could you stop by this afternoon? I need to talk with you." When the preacher went there, Martha conveyed, My doctor says I probably have six months to live as a result of tumor .” Martha’s words were naturally serious, yet there was a definite calm about her. Don’t be sorry . The Lord has been good. I have lived a long life. I’m ready to go. But I do want to talk with you about my funeral. I have been thinking about it, and there are things that I know I want. When they bury me, I want my old Bible in one hand and a fork in the other.” “A fork? Why do you want to be buried with a fork?”, said the pastor.

“I have been thinking about all of the church dinners and banquets that I attended through the years,” she explained. “One thing sticks in my mind. At those really nice get-togethers, when the meal was almost finished, a server would come by to collect the dirty dishes. I can hear the words now. Sometimes, at the best ones, somebody would lean over my shoulder and whisper, ‘You can keep your fork.’ And do you know what that meant? Dessert was coming! It didn’t mean a cup of Jell-O or pudding or even a dish of ice cream. You don’t need a fork for that. It meant the good stuff, like chocolate cake or cherry pie! When they told me I could keep my fork, I knew the best was yet to come!

“That’s exactly what I want people to talk about at my funeral. Oh, they can talk about all the good times we had together. That would be nice. But when they walk by my casket and look at my pretty blue dress, I want them to turn to one another and say, ‘Why the fork?’ And I want you to tell them that I kept my fork because the best is yet to come!”

It's really amazing when we see people focusing on the Eternal life rather than this temporary worldly life. Normally we worry too much. For e.g. When we hear about swine flu, we keep ourselves so clean. When we see people around us sneezing, our next reflex action would be to move at least a feet apart from them. But this lady tells her expectation to meet our Heavenly Father and she knows that it is the best she can ever enjoy. Just imagine how good it would be to have Jesus next to us in the bus when we travel! How amazing it would be to caress Him when we need His love! How awesome it is to chat with Him just like we speak to our friends and beloveds for long hours! So stop worrying too much, for whatever we faced, we face and going to face are already taken care by Him. Upon the successful completion of this life, are we ready to see His loving face and to be with Him forever? Or are we going to hide ourselves like Adam and Eve did when they sinned against the Lord?



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