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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Come in or stay out!

Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 1 Corinthians 6: 9,10.

Good morning, friends. I read ‘Even greater’ book written by Reinhard Bonkke, a German Evangelist. It has many incidents which really inspired me a lot. I would like to share one with you.

Kimberley, was an isolated mountain community which was known for the largest diamond mines. Reinhard was invited to preach in a church. He was shocked when he didn’t find even a single young guy or a girl. When he asked about where they were, Howard took Reinhard to a discotheque, where the entire youth of Kimberley were dancing to such an ungodly music which could even shake the ground. Reinhard at first didn’t have an idea to visit inside, but then the Holy Spirit urged him so much. He entered in.

He very quickly found that not even one was dancing there out of joy. Their faces showed that they were searching something but ended up in vain. As the Holy Spirit urged him he just went to the owner of that discotheque and asked him if he could give him just 5 minutes to share something to the youth. The owner refused his request until he heard Reinhard asking him, “Do you really think they found what they need desperately in this discotheque?” Then he agreed saying, “Well, I too have young children. Take 5 minutes to say whatever you want to, but not tonight, tomorrow.”

Reinhard then cursed himself for asking just 5 minutes, but then he believed that if God could create everything in 6 days, He could also touch stony hearts in just 5 minutes. He waited eagerly for the Saturday night and after he started sharing the Word, before the first 4 minutes passed, he could see everyone looking for their handkerchiefs to wipe away the tears from their eyes and when he declared the altar call, almost everyone came and surrendered their lives to Jesus!

The very next year when he went to Kimberley, he was surprised to the core when he saw a white cross on the same building and when he heard the songs from the youth from inside which exalted Jesus about whom he shared for just 5 minutes!

Now here comes a funny bonus story. Smiley

An exasperated mother, whose son was always getting into mischief, finally asked him, 'How do you expect to get into Heaven?' The boy thought it over and said, 'Well, I'll run in and out and in and out and keep slamming the door until St. Peter says, 'For Heaven's sake, Jimmy, come in or stay out!' Smiley

It’s very important for you and me to prepare ourselves and others to inherit the Kingdom of God. There is no way we can go into the Heaven after reaching hell. Either one will happen! Going in to inherit the eternal crown that is made for us or staying out spending the time eternally in the cruel darkness. If God can use just a 5 minutes message to change the hearts of the youth of Kimberley who were the real precious diamonds, He can use us mightily. Just believe, sowing is what we need to do, the harvest is His!!!

May God bless!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Confusing gospel

I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you by the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel which is really no gospel at all. Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned! As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let him be eternally condemned! Galatians 1 : 6 – 9

Good morning, friends. Today let us see about something which I heard from a pastor on Sunday. And kindly please read even though it’s long. We all should be aware of it certainly. Before that, here comes a funny incident.

After a worship service at Church, a mother with a fidgety seven-year-old boy told me how she finally got her son to sit still and be quiet. About halfway through the sermon, she leaned over and whispered, “If you don't be quiet, Pastor is going to lose his place and will have to start his sermon all over again!” It worked, indeed.

I don’t know how many of us would agree that we feel sleepy/boring when sermon is preached sometimes in churches. But this is really not a time to sleep in churches. The Lord will definitely speak and reveal things through the churches in these days. We may convince ourselves that we’re good in personal prayers and meditation, but the Lord wants you and me to grow together and that’s why the concept of Church came. Jesus could have actually found out disciples and could have taught them separately. But He didn’t do that. He wanted His disciples to be together while He taught them all. Through something or the other the Lord will speak to us. It may be a worship song that consoles you, comforts you. Or a prayer or a sermon or everything God can use to talk to you. God wants us to grow more and He doesn’t want you and me to be a kid always. Truth alone can set us free. Truth should be preached and listened in churches.

Last Sunday, I heard from the pastor about a Church that is coming nearby. Now please read the above verses in green if you’ve skipped. ‘The church of Mormons.’ It was new to me as I didn’t hear even this name earlier. As we know that a book cannot be judged by its cover, so is this church. If we see the principles in depth, you and I can clearly say that it’s nothing but the other gospel which Paul clearly talks about. I’m highlighting some of the Mormons’ principles in red and the truth in blue below.

1.   There are two sources of authorities. The Book of Mormon and the Bible. Bible is the only authority from God.

2.   God is the Supreme Being of the universe. However, He gradually acquired that position over a long period of time by living a perfect and righteous life. God is eternally and infinitely supreme. And He is the Alpha and the omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the Ending.

3.   If the person lived by a satisfactory standard, (including the fulfillment of Mormon temple obligations) that person has the potential to become a god in the after-life. There is no other God and no man can ever be a God.

4.   Jesus and Satan as spirit brothers and sons of God. As Jesus chose to be righteous, He progressed to a Godly level. The character and life of Jesus is attainable by anyone who performs at such a righteous level. There is no connection between the light and the darkness.

5.   Forgiveness of sins requires faith, repentance and baptism by an approved Mormon priest. We are unable to live a life righteous enough to meet God's perfectly holy standard. Therefore, we establish a relationship with God by faith in the work of Christ on the cross, not by our own works.

6.   Jesus Christ will establish a new kingdom that will consist of three levels: the celestial kingdom, the terrestrial kingdom, and the telestial kingdom. There are only two possible fates after death, heaven or hell. These locations are final, both physically and spiritually.

7.   Polygamy and Mormonism are inseparably entwined. One of the most offensive aspects of Mormon-based polygamy is the rampant practice of taking underage girls as polygamous wives. Even if someone looks at the other with lust, it is adultery.

I thought it is good that I heard about it. And I wanted you also to know about this. No wonder Jesus, Paul, John and others said something again and again! If your friends or your children are attending some other churches, have an extra care as to see what kind of faith they’re taught of. Beware of all these false teachings and preachers. Above all ask God to cover you and yours under His wings, so that satan cannot deceive you at any cost by some fashionable gospels which lead us to sins and in turn into the hell. Test everything and hold on to what is good.

May God bless!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mind your own business!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29 : 11

Good morning, friends.

A little girl was sitting on her grandfather's lap as he read her a bedtime story. From time to time, she would take her eyes off the book and reach up to touch his wrinkled cheek. She was alternately stroking her own cheek, then his again. Finally she spoke up, “Grandpa, did God make you?” “Yes, sweetheart” he answered, “God made me a long time ago.” “Oh,” she paused, “Grandpa, did God make me too?” “Yes, indeed, honey,” he said, “God made you just a little while ago.” Feeling their respective faces again, she observed, “God's getting better at it, isn't He?”

A little girl giving comments on God! That was a funny story. Leaving it aside, how many of us believe that God does things better? One day I and one of my friends were speaking, “How can we find the will of God in marriages? Many are saying that they seek the will of God in their daughter/son’s marriage and finally choose a partner of the same caste/race. So going according to what the parents decide often doesn’t end in inter-caste/inter-denominational marriages. Parents themselves add another condition which God doesn’t speak about at all. Coming to the love marriages, it’s true that the two really love one another, but do they really seek the will of God or just go by their desires for one another. So how shall we pray for our marriages?”

This confusion is not only for marriages, but in almost everything. The long list includes choosing to stay with the same employer or to look for a job change, which school to decide for the kids, which course to choose, etc,… We can list almost everything which we can take in our own hands and we can also easily confuse others who think that they got the right choice.

Just think of a situation. If I go and ask my delivery manager, “How are we going to deal with this particular customer for many projects in the next financial year?”, will he not hit me saying, “Will you please mind your own business?” The same holds with the Lord too. He is the supreme one who knows everything. When you, a wicked one say, “Oh, marriage is for lifetime and it happens only once. What shall I do if I choose someone by mistake?”, will not your Lord think of it many times well before he created you and give you the right partner? When you by your limited knowledge say, “getting admission in this college is good for my career”, will not your Lord give you the course which He wants you to do because He knows that you would excel at it?

The Bible clearly says that the Lord has engraved us on the palms of His hand. Isaiah 49:16 and He knows all the plans for us and those plans are to prosper us and not to harm us. Jeremiah 29:11. It again asks us to be still in spite of the circumstances. Psalm 46:10. It instructs us to trust Him with all our heart and lean not our own understanding. Proverbs 3:5. Let Him do His work. Don’t try to interrupt Him by your own ways. He does things better. No, I’m wrong. He is the best at doing things for you and me!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Omnipresent God!

The fool says in his heart, "There is no God." Psalms 14 : 1

Good morning, friends.

A college student was in a philosophy class which had a discussion about God's existence. The professor presented the following logic:
"Has anyone in this class heard God?" Nobody spoke.
"Has anyone in this class touched God?" Again, nobody spoke.
"Has anyone in this class seen God?" When nobody spoke for the third time, he simply stated, "Then there is no God."

One student thought for a second, and then asked for permission to reply. Curious to hear this bold student's response, the professor granted it, and the student stood up and asked the following questions of his classmates:
"Has anyone in this class heard our professor's brain?" Silence.
"Has anyone in this class touched our professor's brain?" Absolute silence.
"Has anyone in this class seen our professor's brain?" When nobody in the class dared to speak, the student concluded, "Then, according to our professor's logic, it must be true that our professor has no brain!"

Recently at some nights in my room we had power shutdown. You know how hot India (Chennai) is during the summer. I don’t need to explain it at all. We needed the air so badly and only when we were not having power supply, we realized our desperate need for air. In fact I remember an entire night sitting in the balcony and calling up EB people continuously.

Though we don’t see the existence of air, we can definitely feel it. In other words when you don’t get oxygen to breathe you would not survive and I’ve seen in TVs how some people struggle to breathe when they hung up themselves. Though many can argue that there is no God and everything is an imagination of some religious folks, the ones who truly feel Him can boldly say that He is always there everywhere. It’s very true that we are still living because of His grace and mercies. I can strongly say that it’s only by His grace I’m not yet consumed.

Unless you don’t know about someone, you cannot feel what he/she is to you actually. No matter how Science and Technology are developing rapidly, they can’t disprove the existence of God! That’s what God is! No one can measure His greatness and endless love! Nothing can express His limitless availability and sacrifice for you and me. Bible clearly asks us to acknowledge God. Only then you can feel how great and good He is! Allow Him to speak to you, rather complaining that He is not speaking to you. Allow Him to act on you, rather than being so rigid. Even the clay should be flexible to the potter to bring out a beautiful pot out of it. Else it would remain useless to anyone.

May God bless!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Alphabet Prayer

“Now then go, and I, even I, will be with your mouth, and teach you what you are to say.” Exodus 4 : 12

Good morning. I was deeply burdened to share you a message for which I searched a short story. Unbelievably, God allowed me to read this story and yes it conveys exactly what I wanted to share today. I bet you would be inspired by this story. Every child comes with the message if you carefully notice what they do. Here is the story for you.

A little shepherd boy was watching his sheep one Sunday morning and he heard the bells of the church ringing. And watching the people walk along the pasture where he was, he happened to think to himself, “I would like to communicate with God! But, what can I say to God?” He had never learned a prayer. So, on bended knee, he began to recite the alphabet. Repeating this prayer several times, a man passing by, heard the boy's voice and peaked through the bushes. He saw the young boy kneeling with folded hands, eyes closed, repeating the alphabet.

He interrupted the boy. “What are you doing, my little one?” he asked. The boy replied, “I was praying sir.” The man seemed surprised and said, “But why are you reciting the alphabet?” The boy explained, “I don't know any prayers, sir. But I want God to take care of me, and to help me care for my sheep. And so I thought, if I said all I knew, He could put the letters together into words, and He would know all that I want and should say!” The man smiled and said, “Bless your heart, God will!” And he went on to church knowing full well that he had heard the finest sermon he could possibly hear that day.

As I started working on Saturday and having an off on Monday, I get the whole day to spend in my room all alone. I feel so lonely for the entire day. I desire to spend time with God as much as I can. The same happened yesterday too. I thought of reading the Bible and praying for many things. All of a sudden, I took handful of spiritual books that would help me to pray and meditate more. You know what happened? I read and read them but never started praying.

I finally understood unless I start praying at least a few words in faith, reading thousands of books on prayers will never help me. And unless I start reading at least a few verses from the Holy Bible, reading thousands of books on Bible reading will never help me. Books do help, but they are just guides and not the alternatives. The Lord spoke to Moses, “I’ll put my words in your mouth.” The same God will give the right words in your mouth to pray, my friend. It’s the time for renewing ourselves in prayers and meditation and not the time for mere reading/listening to some books/audios and videos.

Maybe if we thought like that little boy and let God put together the letters, what we should want, and what we should say, things would probably work out a lot better than we planned!!! 


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Try seeking Him first!

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6 : 33

Good morning.

It happened exactly when we were doing our 5th semester. We had a prayer cell in our hostel. But praying is strictly prohibited there. The warden was too strict on this. But whenever we were free, we joined together and prayed. On knowing about the prayer cell, the warden and her friends fired a lot of questions to us many days, especially during our exams. She blamed us in all the ways she could. Really we felt so sad. It was our toughest time. During such an enquiry, she told us, “Let me wait and see your results. At that time you people will realize me. And you all will definitely feel badly for why wasted your precious time in praying than studying”.

We all never opened our mouths to reply, but we prayed. That was the only thing which we could do at that time. One fine day the result came. All the girls who were in that prayer cell secured nearly 80 %. In fact we ourselves could not believe that. Not a single person secured lesser than that. When scolding, the warden pinpointed 3 girls. Those three girls secured the top rankings in the very same semester itself. And all the others got around 80 %.

I am happy that we’re not blessed only in the marks we scored, but also in everything. I am sure that that happened only by the Lord. It clearly conveyed us all a message. “The horses will be prepared for the battle, but the victory belongs to God.” We also realized the real meaning of the verse Matthew 6:33. The warden too came to know our results. She didn’t open her mouth regarding marks thereafter.

Yes friends, when people begin to blame or irritate us for doing God's work, please don’t worry. He won’t sit idle. He is a powerful God clothed with splendor and majesty. When you do His work willingly, He does great things for you! When we wicked generation know how to bless our children, how can He stay silent without repaying what we actually deserve? When you invest your time for His glory, you’ll see His hands in all your situations. It doesn’t mean that you’ll get everything so easily, but you’ll get the right things. He will act accordingly so that all who curse you will definitely feel how good our God is. Today the situations may seem worse. Be patient, because the Lord, the blessed Redeemer will redeem us without even leaving the traces behind!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Be watchful; the end is near

Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man. Luke 21 : 36

Good morning. This is the story which we told the kids when we visited the orphanage last time.

Two friends Sam and Dany chose different paths. Sam became an advocate and Dany went away from the Lord and started committing sins and once he stole something and was in the court. Sam advocated for Dany and won the case though he knew that his friend stole things. He advised Dany and then let him go. The next time also the same happened. Dany was again set free by the help of Sam. Dany then was not afraid to do anything as he knew that Sam was on his side. Now he murdered someone and was in the court searching for Sam. This time he saw Sam not as a lawyer, but as the judge. He was so happy that by any chance he would escape. But he was shocked when he heard his friend declaring a death sentence to him.

Spiritually seeing, Dany is like you and me doing what is not right. Sam is like Jesus who advocates & pleads for us when we commit sins. But as we see lot of things are happening around us which indicate that the end is near. I'm hearing lot of preachers preaching about the last days. In my devotional studies too Lord clearly speaks that His coming is very close by and His kingdom is near. Yes, Christ is coming back again, but not as a baby or as an advocate, but as a judge who is going to judge us rightly according to what we deserve actually.

Watch carefully. Be as the 5 wise virgins who’re well prepared with sufficient oil to meet the bridegroom. Be as the 2 faithful servants who multiplied the talents their master entrusted them with. Be as the wise and honest servant who treated his fellow servants whom his master gave to him. Be as if you’re a little kid to enter into the Kingdom of God. Bible says He would come like a thief who comes with no prior notice. Be alert to live holy, to reconcile with one another, to never give up when you face struggles, to bring lot many people into His flock. Be alert, as you don’t know on what day He would come. Be alert to help the needy people around you so that you’ll be standing as one of the sheep in the right side to enter into the place which the Lord has for.

May God bless!