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Friday, December 31, 2010

Give thanks for the closed doors today!

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5 : 16 - 18

Good morning. I thought I would share a wonderful testimony which would boost up your patience and faith on the Lord. This day being the last day of 2010 has a message for you all.

I have a friend who came out with a few arrears and that's the reason he was not able to attend any interviews. By the time he cleared all his papers there were no interviews. It was sad that though he had trust in the Lord he was not able to work at all. Not just for a few months, my friends. But nearly for 2 years. The saddest part is, he worked for one company which didn't even pay him a single rupee for all the effort he had put. The one thing he gained was experience. By the time he started getting salary, I think I've nearly completed three years in my company. I remember the tough times he passed through with tears in his heart without revealing it to the world. He took part in all the fellowships without questioning God. I can't even imagine how he would have felt when many of us shared testimonies about our performance appraisals and the salary raises in the fellowships. I remember the tears even in my parents eyes when they pray for him. One thing that surprised us was his endurance. He never confessed anything negative from his mouth. He never blamed God for the long delay. He served the Lord even when he had nothing to eat. You can imagine how painful it is to spend the days in a city like Chennai without salary. And there is a lot of differences between a girl without a job and a guy without a job.

Whenever he prayed for others who were suffering without a job, they all got settled in highly paid jobs. He really felt happy for them all.

Do you think a guy with no job for these many years would ever get a chance like us? But God being an expert in turning impossible things very much possible, finally by this year start (I think) offered him a job with quite a decent pay. When he shared his testimony all our eyes were filled with tears. We all rejoiced for his job. It was an answer for many years' prayers of many.

A few months back we were even more happier when we heard that he got offers from three companies. Now he is working in a very big company with higher salary than me for His glory. He is always a wonderful living testimony! I praise God for him. Through him the Lord has taught me many things.

Are you afraid of some giants today? Be of good cheer. Pray continuously and give thanks for He’s going to make all things possible for you in the coming year. Give thanks for all the closed doors in your life, for He is going to open them up after which nothing/no one can shut. He’ll fight the battle for you amazingly in a way you can never even imagine. Don’t give up when you face problems. Let the problems drive you closer to Jesus! There is always hope in Him. He’ll never reject the brokenhearted. He loves you. None of your tears will go waste. They’ll all be answered. You can trust Him all the time!

I wish you all a very blessed New Year 2011! May God bless you!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Talk the walk!

Paul answered, What mean ye to weep and to break mine heart? for I am ready not to be bound only, but also to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus. Acts 21:13

Good morning, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Here I am to share a message to you all who enjoyed Christmas! Do you know who the first Evangelists were? Shepherds! As soon as they received the good news from an angel they were glad and went and saw Jesus! They didn’t stop there, but the Bible says that they proclaimed whatever they heard and saw! So pass on what you’ve been enjoying being in Christ!

Today I had to attend a weekly status call with my client at 8.30 AM. After reaching the office I also had to read a document before the call. I started walking from my apartment at around 8 AM. I and one of my colleagues would walk some days. Due to the cold weather I was not able to walk fast and the time was running like anything. Sweat was all over my body in spite of the cold weather. I thought I would even faint. I prayed in my heart, “Lord, help me walk and strengthen me as I walk.” Though it was painful I was so glad that I didn’t stop in the middle when I reached the office at 8.25 AM. The Lord is great! I thought the Lord would have held the time for a while till I reached.

Sometimes you may think why am I a Christian? I am not able to enjoy as my friends do. It imposes many rules on me that I should not watch this, I should not speak like this, I should not hear this, etc… Why am I restricted in many ways? A loving mother would never allow her child to go anyway that she wants, but carefully allows her to walk on the safer roads. When God tells us not to do something it is just for our good and not to harm us. Bible says in Matthew 7:14, “But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life and only a few find it.” So walk through the smaller gate and on the narrow road. It’s of really no use when you give up in the middle; you need to walk till the end to reach the destination! When others see you walking on the narrow roads they would understand that it would lead them too to life and not to death. Remember Paul was even ready to die for the name of the Lord if it would save many souls to the life.

Importantly, talk the walk rather than just talk. :) May God bless you!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

He deserves!!!

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Good morning, friends.

It was one fine day when I received a message that one of my friends in USA sent me a mailing package which would have her contribution for one of my friends who is getting treatment for blood cancer. I went empty handed to collect the check at my office dispatch. To my surprise it was a very big package. I even thought that it should not be mine. Upon the dispatch person’s confirmation, I opened the package. I found very big leather bound King James Version Bible which has my name engraved on it in golden color. It also had two beautiful greetings, three spiritual novels and the wonderful notes from two people whom I know just by their names.
You know what I did? I called my parents and few of my friends. I showed them all those things. Whoever asked me why I was looking so glad, I shared them that news. I felt so happy because of these unexpected gifts that I got, especially the Bible which was customized just for me, with the borders for me to write notes! JUST for ME is what matters most!
When someone does something JUST for ME I feel much gratefulness in my heart. Someone out there can identify that I’m really happy.  I hope the same applies to you as well.
I just feel giving thanks for everything is mandatory. When someone opens the door for us, when someone greets us, when someone helps us, we are automatically thanking them with all our hearts. And we remember them doing those things to us for long years.  Just take a few moments and think whether we remember God has done for us. Are we thanking Him counting all His unfailing love and unconditional blessings, for His mercies and grace? He deserves our thankful heart. He has done so much JUST for YOU and ME.
I always consider my work very serious. I’ll be happier when I receive commendations from the clients, at the same time I also feel hurt badly when something goes wrong forgetting even the sleep and food. Now-a-days I’m grumbling about my work much. But you know how God leads me? One of my clients take her time out and helps me when I don’t understand things, my eyes are literally filled with tears. I even told her that God has granted favor in her eyes. God doesn’t leave me just like that. Today in the morning I was searching for a logic for extracting the data from the poor databases, I was about to give up, I confessed to God that I don’t have any knowledge and I asked him to show the right resources or links. Do you know what happened? I saw one of my close friends coming online. I just asked him about it though He is not a Data Warehousing resource. But he said that he has struggled with the same issue with his database and found out a solution which is like perfectly designed for me. J Yes, God has routed to him at the exact RIGHT time.
This is how God helps His people at the point of their needs. God Himself will be your crow to feed you at the time of famine or He will feed you through other crows. J Cheer up, my friend. There are many out there to know the truth that they have a loving Savior to save them and set them free. You may be in a situation which is too much for you to cross, but He will help you walk through and when you cross it, you will glorify Him on how He helped you cross the river and you’ll be a testimony and a blessing to those who struggle because of the same issue you crossed.
God bless you!

Friday, December 10, 2010

With a thankful heart!

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Good morning. I’m glad to share another message today. It’s all about the good news of God.

I never used washer and dryer earlier. Not to mention, I’ll heap them up for my mom to wash when she comes to Chennai. :) Now I don’t have any other go. A few weeks back, I started using them. But when I saw one of the trousers after it came out of washer I was shocked that it lost a button.  I don’t have a thread and a needle to set it right. That happened a week back.

A few days back, I loaded the next set of clothes into the washer. I was not willing to lose any more buttons. So I prayed just like a kid and asked him to keep all the buttons safe. :) And when I took the clothes from the washer, I was very careful to see every clothe one by one to see if it retains all its buttons or not.
Why should I care about it? It is because I paid the price. This reminded me of a wonderful truth.

When I care about the shirts and pants that I bought for a few rupees/dollars, how much will my God care about me when He has redeemed me by paying His own life! Isn’t it amazing? No one will pay for something unless he considers it to be useful and precious. Jesus knows that we’re not useful in anyway, but still we are more precious to Him and that’s the reason He gave His blood for you and I and that’s the reason we are all saved by Jesus. We’re no more under the yoke of sin, but we’re set apart for Him. We owe thanking Him all the time for this.

What else could He do to show His love for us other than dying for our own sins?

I would like to add a story which a pastor shared in one of his sermons.

A man heard someone knocking at his door. He saw another man standing with a handful of fresh vegetables and told him that he brought them for this man and his family. Highly surprised, he took them from his hands and even more surprised when the man came again the next morning with the vegetables at free of cost. Weeks passed by. It became a practice that he didn’t go to the stores to buy vegetables for him. Several months passed by.

One day he was eagerly waiting for the free vegetables, but he didn’t hear anyone knocking at his door. He really got angry as to why the other one didn’t bring him vegetables. His surprises, his happiness, etc… are easily forgotten. He didn’t have grateful heart, rather he started complaining.

The same holds with you and me. When we accepted Christ as our personal Savior we enjoy His presence. We long to wait in His presence. We long to hear from Him. But as days pass by, we easily forget the greatest gift He gave us at free of cost with no ‘conditions apply’. The price He paid for, is the highest one, His own life! When situations don’t work in the way we expect, the grateful heart vanishes bringing a grumbling heart. Are you thankful for the salvation you’ve received today? I know that how much you earn, or how intelligent you have doesn’t matter. How peaceful you’re internally that matters!

No matter how big our problem is, as we have a big God for whom the biggest problem is like the dust. Ask God to give you a thankful heart today!

May God bless you! May His peace rest on you!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Victory belongs to Him!

The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the Lord. Proverbs 21:31

Good morning, friends. 

David, the youngest son of Jesse, a shepherd was sent by his father to bring back the news of his brothers, who were the soldiers serving in the army of Saul. When David went, all he could see was a giant Goliath who roared like a lion that his entire army would surrender if someone would fight against him boldly and kill him, but if he fails then the entire kingdom would be his army's. No one dared to go against him in fear, including the first king of Israelites, Saul. 

David was a very young one, but when he saw an uncircumcised man shouting at the Lord's children he asked who he was to defy the army of the living God. He went up to Saul and said that he would go fight against Goliath. When Saul questioned him how he would be doing this being so young, he didn't hesitate to reply that he has always killed lions and bears when he took care of his father's sheep. He didn't stop there. He also added that the Lord who saved him from the paws of those wild beasts would rescue him from Goliath.

He didn't take any of the weapons the king gave him. Instead he just took a sling and five stones. Goliath laughed at him. But you all know what happened. Yes, David proclaimed boldly, "You have come with spear and javelin. But I come with the Lord's strength. I'll kill you and everyone will know that it is the Lord who saves. It is not by the spear or by the javelin, but by Him, because the battle is His."

When Goliath approached him, he took a stone and slung it and struck the forehead of the Philistine. With one shot, Goliath was dead. 

Was it not amazing? Do you think you're struggling with your own problems today? Never mind, because it is not your battle. It is His. He will gain victory on it. No one can stand against the Lord Almighty. The situation I'm writing this is very difficult, my friend. I feel like I'm not fit for the role I'm playing in my project. But whenever I think of giving up on it, it is only the Lord's strength that sustains me and allows me not to give up. Then He reminds me of all that He has done. On November 27 I completed my four years of work in my company, but I never realized it because of my busy schedule. When I got an email from my batch mate wishing everyone, I was reminded that I've been working for 4 long years with nothing out of my knowledge. Not only in work, but in everything I've seen God's hand. He never let me down in front of others. He is always good to me. When I think of His goodness and mercies, I don't care about my potential, be it really small, I should not mind it. When I'm weak, He is strong! Amen? Only then I can boldly say, "It is not by my strength nor by my power, but by Him." David never was used to spears and javelins which were mandatory those days for a battle. But all he had was, 5 stones and a sling. Moses didn't have anything except a stick. But God used those simple things and proved that He is mighty. 

You serve the same Lord today. His power the same yesterday, today and forever. Don't give up! Your Lord is with you and He will lead you to victory. 

Be blessed and be a blessing! P.S: This is the first Today's Word of God I'm sending from my brand new laptop. I've reserved the laptop afresh to first send God's Word. God enabled me to send this today. :)