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Monday, November 14, 2011

Jehovah Jireh, MY Provider!

My God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4 : 19

Good morning, friends! November month is very special for me. You know why? I celebrated my Birthday last Friday (11/11/11). I am completing my 1 year in USA today. Soon I will be completing my 5 years with my work. During all these years, the Lord has been soooooooo good to me. Below is just one incident which explains the Lord’s love & care for me.

On my Birthday (last Friday as I wrote earlier) I felt so hungry by 1.15 PM and as I didn’t take lunch from home I had to eat from the canteen. I knew that the caterers will be done by 1.30 PM every day at my office. By 1.15 PM, I was shocked after I realized that I left my debit card at my home itself and I didn’t have cash too. I don’t bother about lunch usually, but I was starving that day. I quickly searched some of my friends who sit next to me at my office. But they all went for having lunch in a nearby hotel. I was sure that they would not return before 1.30 PM. By 1.25 PM, I saw one coming and after seeing me, he gave me his card which can be used. I was very happy and quickly ran down to have some food. 

It was at the last few minutes that I entered in and I found my favorite cheese pizza. I asked it to be cut into 2 pieces and this time unusually the man who parceled it folded it by having the ventral side up. It was baked a little extra.

When I reached the billing counter, the lady refused to get the amount from me saying that the pizza was baked extra. I tried swiping the card anyway, but she didn’t allow me. I strongly know that there were several times before that day I did buy extra baked pizzas from the same caterer at the regular price. When I handed the card back to my friend telling what happened, he told that it should be a Birthday gift.

I know this is a very silly incident. I thought several times why I would come out without even checking my bag. But I felt very happy that the Lord took great care on me. Above all, from many of the Birthday wishes, one of my friends on FaceBook posted this verse as a blessing verse. 

Dear friends, so far in my life, I could give innumerable cases where the Lord has blessed me abundantly than I could ever imagine. I am seeing the Lord’s hands in my simple as well as greater things. I faced many struggles, but God has never put my face to shame. He has been always with me, working for me in ways I could not see. Yes, we have an Almighty God who cares about whatever bothers us!