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Thursday, June 14, 2012

You are engraved!!!

“Behold! I have engraved you on the palms of My hands!” Isaiah 49:16

Good morning, friends.

2 days ago, I went to a shopping mall with my friend. I bought snacks from KFC and paid the bill with my credit card. We finished eating, and threw away the trash in the trash bin, and walked to another shop to buy raw chicken. When we were at the billing counter, I realized that I lost my credit card. I was praying to God that either I threw the credit card into the trash or it should be in the hands of a good person. When I called the bank’s customer care department, they wanted me to tell them my credit card number. But I had been too lazy to learn, or document, my credit card number. So I was not able to deactivate it immediately. I tried retrieving the details online, but the internet connection was not cooperating. It took nearly one hour for me to deactivate it. I was worried a lot because buying expensive items using the credit card in such a big mall is so easy. But when I checked the credit card statement online, I was surprised to see that nobody had used it until I deactivated the credit card. 

I don’t know what happened to my credit card or who found it, but I am sure that it is my God who prevented anyone from using it for one hour. I had no control over the lost credit card. I had to call out to Him and surrendered the situation into His powerful hands. The Lord listened to my prayer and answered it. Listen, this blog is not actually about my credit card’s protection, but about something which is very true and more useful for you.

I have lot of questions in my heart and I have been worrying about them all recently. Whatever I do with my own strength fails miserably. I do not have control over anything. Day by day I grow weary, worrying about these matters that bother me. Are you, too, feeling the same today? Then this is for you. 

The above incident reminded me of how God controls situations. It doesn’t matter what the problems are, or who creates those problems in your life, or how weak you are to deal with them, as long as you surrender them in to His hands. The Lord says, “See, I have engraved you on the palms of My hands; your walls are ever before Me.” Pour out your heart to Him today. The matter that concerns you concerns Him too. So cheer up. You may not have the answers to all your questions, but you know the One who holds you in His hands also has answers to all your questions. The One who has the answers also knows how to bring them to pass. Remember, the problems that we cannot control, are the problems that are in His control, because we are on the palm of His hands.

May God bless you!