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Friday, September 25, 2009

Appropriate gifts!

The Lord says, “I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for.” Jeremiah 29:11

Good morning, friends. I got the red colored text from the Internet and hopefully I'll send many from the same website as there are lots of contents in it.

A man felt weak and tired after a long walk. He rested under a banyan tree for a while. Looking up, he saw the tiny fruits on the tall tree. In the adjacent field, he saw large watermelons on a feeble creeper plant. He laughed at the contradiction and thought that the creator was really foolish to grow the small fruits on the strong tree and the large fruits on the weak creeper.

After a while he fell asleep under the cool shade of the huge evergreen tree. Then a small fruit of the tall tree fell on his body and awakened him. Staring at the tiny fruit, he felt enlightened. He thought, “If the fruits of this tree were large like the watermelon, they would have easily crushed me to death." He thanked God and praised the propriety of His creations.

God gives the best and most appropriate gifts, qualities and capabilities to every creation including man.The Book of Genesis records that after every act of creation, God was pleased with what He saw. Genesis 1: 1-31. Sometimes when I see something which is very famous and the best, I would really think that it may be the best, but it may not be the appropriate thing for me. One such incident is below.

I was very much depressed when I was not selected in the first two interviews. When I attended my first HR interview, my HR asked, "You got a very good score and stood first in your class. This is your third campus interview, but your first HR round. Why is that so?" I replied,"Because I didn't clear my first two written rounds." He asked me, "What happened to you?" I told him, "I slept in the first written test. I did my best in the second company. Yet I don't know why I was not selected in the second company." In the form given to me before the HR round, I mentioned 'The faith in God' as my positive point. When he asked if I would be recruited by him, I told very boldly, "Yes, because my God is with me". He again asked me, "Then was the same God not with you in the first two interviews?" I don't know why I replied to him that way. I think my Lord has rightly put appropriate words in my mouth. I said, "Yes, He was with me and that's why he didn't give me anything good or better, but is waiting for me with the best opportunity suitable for me." No wonder, by Almighty's grace, I got selected in the right company, which is the best for me at that point of time. They both are also wonderful companies, but still as God holds my future He knew where I would perform well. I got allocated to my favorite domain and also in development projects, where as many of my friends were given testing opportunity. So what I'm trying to make is, the Lord knows what is suitable and right for me and will provide it for me at His time. Whenever I'm worried of my future, career, family, etc,..., I think Jeremiah 29 : 11 is the best verse to be read and claimed.

My friend, the same holds for you too. Joyce Meyer says, "The job of a believer is just to believe."

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