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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Greater things!

Eagerly desire the greater gifts. 1 Corinthians 12 : 13

Good morning.

A young lady was so surprised to hear from her friends that they're visiting her. She went to many shops and bought many things to cook for her friends. She cooked taking much of her time and was satisfied with the items she prepared. When the door was knocked she was more happy than she was before. At lunch time, she invited her friends to eat, but when they said, "Hey, sorry, we already had lot stomach full of food just before we started to your house and we don't have any idea to eat now. Just give us fruit juice." This lady was so depressed on hearing this. Her entire day's effort has gone vain.

Friends, the same happens when we go to pray to the Lord. Our God holds everything we need in surplus, but we are very foolish to ask silly things from Him. We don't know the values of the spiritual gifts He has in store for us, instead we cling on to what we want in our lives. When we seek His kingdom and His righteousness, not only what we need but ALL the other things will be added unto us. God is not of favoritism. If He says something, He does it to everyone who obeys Him. He is not a liar. So while you go to the Lord, ask for Heavenly things because what we build here don't last, whereas what we store up in Heaven will last forever. And God never leaves us just with the eternal blessings. He wants His children to prosper in the world too. Remember the plans He has for us is for our good and to prosper us and not to harm us. So whatever your worry is, just put them on a plate and give it to the Lord; He'll take care of them. When we are too much focused on the things which we want, we will not be able to value the greatest thing that God has for us!

May God bless you!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life is precious!

Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody. Romans 12 : 17

Good morning, friends. Below is the story/incident that describes how easily we can put others’ hopes into a trash.

Jack took a long look at his speedometer before slowing down: 71 in a 55 zone. The cop was stepping out of his car, the big pad in hand. Jumping out of the car, he approached Bob whom he saw every Sunday, a man he’d never seen in uniform. “Hi, Bob. Fancy meeting you like this.” “Hello, Jack.” No smile. “Guess you caught me red-handed in a rush to see my wife and kids.” “Yeah, I guess”, Bob replied. “I’ve been some long days at the office lately. I’m afraid I bent the rules a bit-just this once.” Seventy-one? Jack would you sit back in your car, please?” saying this, Bob scribbled away on the pad. Why hadn’t he asked for a driver’s license? Jack rolled down the window a mere two inches, just enough room for Bob to pass him the slip. Bob returned to his car without a word. Jack unfolded the sheet of paper. How much was this one going to cost? Wait a minute. What was this? Some kind of joke? Jack began to read out of curiosity:

Dear Jack,

Once upon a time I had a daughter, Rosy. She was six when killed by a car. You guessed it - a speeding driver. A fine and three months in jail, and the man was free, free to hug his all three of his daughters. I only had one, and I’m going to have to wait until heaven before I can ever hug her again. A thousand times I’ve tried to forgive that man. A thousand times I thought I had. Maybe I did, but I need to do it again. Even now. Pray for me. And be careful. My son is all I have left.

- Bob

A full 15 minutes later, Jack started his car and drove slowly home, praying for forgiveness and hugging a surprised wife and kids when he arrived.

Yes, life is precious. Handle with care. Remember whatever you do, that will somehow impact others. Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Hebrews 10 : 24.When you do something wrong knowingly or even carelessly, please be reminded that you’re damaging many than you create something positive when you do good to others. Pay more attention before you do anything. Never use your life for granted and use this single life to leave sad non erasable traces in the hearts of Bobs and Rosys anymore. Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. Matthew 5 : 16. Let us be a true blessing to others in everything.

May God bless!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Because He lives...

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Good morning, friends. I’m sorry for not sending/posting for the past few days. I pray that you would be comforted by His Word if you’re in need of His touch in any area that hurts you.

Gilbert hit his knees clutching his funny looking block of wood between his hands which he prepared by himself while others were on good cars which were made by their fathers. With a wrinkled brow he set to converse with the Lord, his Father. He prayed in earnest for a very long minute and a half. Then he stood, smile on his face and announced, “Okay, I am ready.” Gilbert leaped into the air with a loud “Thank you” as the crowd roared in approval.

The Scout Master came up to Gilbert with microphone in hand and asked the obvious question, “So you prayed to win, huh,Gilbert?” To which Gilbert answered, “Oh, no sir. That wouldn't be fair to ask God to help you beat someone else. I just asked Him to make it so I don't cry when I lose.”

Children seem to have wisdom far beyond us. Gilbert didn't ask God to win the race, he didn't ask God to fix the outcome, Gilbert asked God to give him strength in the outcome. When Gilbert first saw the other cars he didn't cry out to God, “No fair, they had a fathers help.” No, he went to his Father for strength. Perhaps we spend too much of our prayer time asking God to rig the race, to make us number one, or too much time asking God to remove us from the struggle, when we should be seeking God's strength to get through the struggle. “I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

Gilbert's simple prayer spoke volumes to those present that night. He never doubted that God would indeed answer his request. He didn't pray to win, thus hurt someone else; he prayed that God would supply the grace to lose with dignity. Yes, Gilbert walked away a winner that night, with his Father at his side. The greatest win is having the Father at your side and nothing else. Whenever I’m troubled the very line that comes to my mind is, “Because He lives I can face tomorrow”. Yes, He comforts me a lot by His Word through Bible, through songs, etc… I can boldly say that whatever happens, I have a hope that Jesus lives and He has everything in His control. And only because of this I'm strengthened and can move forward. Are you too willing to move forward today keeping your worries unto Him?

May God bless!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jesse's need your attention!

Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them slip from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them. Deuteronomy 4:9

Good morning, friends. Below is a funny story by which we can learn something great from a small boy.

The boy listened closely as the rabbi read the Bible. “May I ask a question?” he asked. “Sure. Go ahead. Ask your question”, replied the rabbi. “Well, the Bible says that the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea, the children of Israel built the temple, the children of Israel did this and the children of Israel did that. Didn't the grown-ups ever do anything?”

Quite funny, right? Deuteronomy clearly says that whatever the elders have known and seen, they have to pass it on to the younger generations. I watched a movie about Abraham, the father of Faith. It showed Abraham as one who taught his son Isaac and other children about the God whom he knew. Let me write something more which I read just now from the book ‘White cane religion’ by Stephen Hill.

“I’m Jesse. What do you want?” asked the young man with bloodshot eyes to Steve who replied, “I’m a preacher of the gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ. I want to come in and talk to you.” This young man opened the door and sat down without a word and so Steve said, “I know you Jesse. I know what your life is like. You go out every night with a gang of 35 guys who call you as their leader and terrorize the country. Your bunch is known for the meanest gangs. You’ve vandalized neighborhoods and you’ve raped girls. You’ve involved in thefts & fights every night. I also know the man inside you. You return home and you cry yourself to sleep at night. Jesse, you’re the unhappiest man on the face of the earth.” Do you know what the gang leader did? He didn’t rise up to beat Steve, instead he started crying like a baby!

There are so many Jesse’s all around you showing themselves as the toughest ones outside, but their hearts are just like this Jesse. What are you going to do today? Don’t you think that God has allowed this Jesse to come into your life? Don’t you think that the peace you enjoy should also be enjoyed by him? Are you not having this Jesse inside your own family? Did you ever have a thought of sharing your precious Jesus with him? Do you like telling him that Jesus is the only one who could give him the peace and joy he looks for? What is holding you today from showing the only Healer who can heal any sickness & sins? Already the clock started ticking. It’s your time to do something for Christ and for the ones who desperately need Him. It’s never late, still there are so many Jesse’s. Let them not stand against you in the Day of Judgment.

May God bless!