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Monday, October 19, 2009

Give thanks!

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5 : 16 - 18

Good morning, friends. This is one thing which I wanted to share with you since a few months.

As I’m the one who usually work in a project which needs a single resource, I didn’t have any chance to mingle with others. The Lord gave me two friends, because of whom I’m in touch with at least a few around me. I have spent most of my time only with them apart from my work. All of a sudden they both were asked to leave their jobs. We all were shocked to the core. You all know how tough it is to get a good job at the time of recession. We had no other go, but praying. Where else could we go? In my fellowship we started praying continuously and in the same time, we encouraged them both, telling them that the God is their provider and no one else. I personally believe that God won’t allow their children losing their jobs, unless He has some better plans in store for them. Our prayers and the support we gave really encouraged them a lot, I believe. Faith without action is dead. We also started looking if any of our friends’ company has any offer. Do you know what we prayed? We always prayed that they two should have a job at the day they leave this company. Sometimes we too had some unbelief, when we looked the situations around us. Still we didn’t give up. We prayed and we praised God for He would give them a job and strengthen them. You will not even believe if I say this. One company had an immediate offer and they needed experience people’s CV to be dropped in. When I got a call from the first one, I thought she was just called for an interview. But to my surprise, I heard that she was asked to join the company. The next one too had another job in a good company and I’m the one who was her reference from her previous company. :) They both are now deployed into the projects and they are getting paid more than what they had earlier.

Now tell, is He not faithful? He listened to our prayers and answered us and placed them exactly before they left this company. I praise God for that even now. Now they both are happy and this would have definitely increased their faith. Are you afraid of something today? Are you thinking that you have no other way out of your troubles? Be of good cheer. Pray continuously and give thanks for He’s going to make all things possible for you. Give thanks for all the closed doors in your life, for He is going to open them up after which nothing/no one can shut them. Friend, you may think that the problem is yours, but I strongly say that the problem is not ours anymore. It is His’. We don’t need to fight the battle ourselves. He’ll fight the battle for us wonderfully, amazingly in a way which we can never even think of. He is Almighty. His ways are always awesome. Don’t give up when you face problems. Let the problems drive you closer to Jesus! There is always hope in Him. He’ll never reject the brokenhearted. Above all, He loves you. He’s there to collect your tears in His bottle. None of your tears will go waste. They’ll all be answered. You can trust this. Recession has nothing to do with God’s children!!! Amen!!!

Prayer request: Please read and pray about it. Don’t forget!

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