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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Try seeking Him first!

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6 : 33

Good morning.

It happened exactly when we were doing our 5th semester. We had a prayer cell in our hostel. But praying is strictly prohibited there. The warden was too strict on this. But whenever we were free, we joined together and prayed. On knowing about the prayer cell, the warden and her friends fired a lot of questions to us many days, especially during our exams. She blamed us in all the ways she could. Really we felt so sad. It was our toughest time. During such an enquiry, she told us, “Let me wait and see your results. At that time you people will realize me. And you all will definitely feel badly for why wasted your precious time in praying than studying”.

We all never opened our mouths to reply, but we prayed. That was the only thing which we could do at that time. One fine day the result came. All the girls who were in that prayer cell secured nearly 80 %. In fact we ourselves could not believe that. Not a single person secured lesser than that. When scolding, the warden pinpointed 3 girls. Those three girls secured the top rankings in the very same semester itself. And all the others got around 80 %.

I am happy that we’re not blessed only in the marks we scored, but also in everything. I am sure that that happened only by the Lord. It clearly conveyed us all a message. “The horses will be prepared for the battle, but the victory belongs to God.” We also realized the real meaning of the verse Matthew 6:33. The warden too came to know our results. She didn’t open her mouth regarding marks thereafter.

Yes friends, when people begin to blame or irritate us for doing God's work, please don’t worry. He won’t sit idle. He is a powerful God clothed with splendor and majesty. When you do His work willingly, He does great things for you! When we wicked generation know how to bless our children, how can He stay silent without repaying what we actually deserve? When you invest your time for His glory, you’ll see His hands in all your situations. It doesn’t mean that you’ll get everything so easily, but you’ll get the right things. He will act accordingly so that all who curse you will definitely feel how good our God is. Today the situations may seem worse. Be patient, because the Lord, the blessed Redeemer will redeem us without even leaving the traces behind!


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