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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wanna spread EAFLU? Part I

So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. Matthew 7 : 12

Good morning, friends. I’m feeling guilty for not posting this for many days. Kindly pray that the Lord would enable me to continue this. Okay, let us come to the point. After reading the subject EAFLU, what do you think? Is it something like Swine Flu? I would like to say, “It is not.” If you spread this EAFLU, you’re obeying to what the Lord says.

I don’t lend my ears to others’ problems, when they don’t have time for me. I don’t like to greet someone who often gnashes his teeth at me. I don’t like to mingle with someone who often keeps track of my long list of wrongs. I don’t prefer appreciating others, unless they’re worthy of it. I don’t try to understand someone who doesn’t understand me even at a single instance. I don’t have to always encourage others, when they treat me so bad when I’m depressed. Am I right? Here comes the truth. All these facts are applicable to others too. Aren’t they?

I’m giving an overview on what I read from the book ‘Be a People Person’ by John C. Maxwell. March on!!

John went to a restaurant along with his daughter Elizabeth and they were really surprised when they saw the waitress made them feel that they were really inconveniencing her. She was grumpy, negative and unhelpful. Anyone who saw her identified that she was having a bad day. Everything John ordered was met only with a look of disdain. Now John tried to change this lady’s negative attitude. What did he do actually? He called her and said, “Could you please get me some change for $10 bill, because I want to give you a good tip today.” Wow! What a surprise! For the next fifteen minutes, she spent her time hovering over them. John thanked her service and told her how important her service was to him and how helpful she was and also left her a good tip. That day, little Elizabeth would have learnt one precious thing from her father. ‘If we want people to act right towards us, we should act right towards them.’

EAFLU is nothing but the five important things you want others to do to you. Keep your fingers crossed to know what they are. See you all with one of them each day!

The book ‘Up Your Service’ by Ron Kaufman gives some idea on achieving great customer service. There may be hundreds of hotels around you. You would never like to go to a hotel where you can get highly delicious food if no one feels your value. But you’ll often visit the hotels where you get great service. What does it mean? You certainly want others to treat you well.

The Bible tells a short cut to achieve what you want. Jesus says, “Do unto others as you like them to do to you.” Is it not simple and true? Many times, the truth is always simple!



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