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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In His time!

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God's mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. 1 Peter 5 : 6

Good morning. Let us read more about EAFLU from the next post. Today I wanted to share something about His perfect time.

We had 'Chennai Hope Festival' on 21st - 24th, this month. It was conducted by Franklin Graham and his team from USA. It was such a wonderful festival through which the Lord touched many lives. I too attended it three days. On the first day, when I reached my room, the time was 11:15 PM. There was no bus service to my place. I really got scared. But I believed that the Lord would protect me. And He did and I reached home safely by a share auto.

The second day, I didn't stay there till the end as I didn't get bus last night. When Franklin Graham declared the altar call, those who gave their hearts to Christ started going towards the platform, where as others started leaving to their home. I too stood up, but Franklin Graham said to everyone, "Please don't leave. That may hinder others who ought to respond to the altar call." So I sat for a few more minutes. After that I visited a book stall, where I was able to see many books at cheaper rates. But as there was a huge crowd, I again started walking towards the entrance. I thought how I would get a bus to my place.

It's really difficult for anyone to find someone they know among 35000 - 40000 people. But to my surprise, I saw my friend who came along with her family. Then I waved my hands at her and called her. Then they helped me reach home very safe, as they came there in their car.

I couldn't stop thanking God for what He has done to me. Here the important thing is the delay. If I had left as soon as I planned to leave, again it would have been so tough for me to reach my room alone. If these two delays can bring such a great safe journey, imagine how great are all our delays!! A baby has to stay silent till his/her mother delivers. Israelites had to travel 40 long years to enter into the promised land Canaan. It took many years for Joseph to see his visions come true. 1 Peter 5 : 6 clearly tells us that God would exalt us if we stay under His mighty hand. When? In His time!!! Do you believe that our God is a mighty God, King of Kings and the Lord of Lords? Then stay patiently until He delivers you and fulfills His promise, for He never works sooner or later. In His perfect time, He would bring everything to pass. Hallelujah! You and I just have to thank God for all the delays, for He is preparing the best for us! 



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