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Thursday, January 19, 2012

It is unfair!

Do not grieve; the joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:9

Good morning, friends.

During our New Year service when we were asked to share the testimonies, people shared how God has been good to them. It was such a delight to hear from those who experienced God’s hand in their lives. One girl made a statement when she testified the Lord. “It is unfair if I do not thank Him from the depth of my heart for all the good things He has done in my life.” The catchy thing to my ears was “It is unfair if I do not thank Him from my heart.” What an awesome statement that is!

I just think of how many thanks we normally say to people around us. If a person holds the door open for us, we thank them. If the cashier gives away the receipt for our purchase, we thank them. When the waitress serves the food, we thank them. When the team members do a fantastic job, we thank them. When the conductor gives the ticket, we thank them. When someone gives a ride to the office, we thank them. We can add n number of cases in which we thank several people each day because of what they have been doing.

When was the last time we thanked our God who has been very faithful throughout our lives? Every morning, we get up from the bed. We speak, walk, hear, smell, eat, sense, and breathe every day without any issues.  We travel to our work places and return safe every day. We are kept safe with wonderful jobs in spite of all the economic downtimes.  When we know that several people are admitted in hospitals for health issues, we are blessed enough that we just visit the doctors once in a while. When there are several couples cry out loud for babies, we have children living very active among us. When there are some rich people who never get sleep during the nights, we have peaceful sleep every night. We can add a huge list of privileges that we have been granted everyday even without our knowledge.

Are we thankful enough to God who supports us 24/7 without even a single pause? Or are we still worrying about that few things that bother us for a while? Can we imagine how our world will be if our God forgets us even for a minute? Whether we worry or not, God still takes care of all our needs. We should not be dipped into worries. Thank Him for everything we’ve been enjoying even when we do not deserve. Nehemiah 8:9 says, “Do not grieve; the joy of the Lord is your strength.” Yes, when we thank Him, the joy of the Lord in us increases which is greater than our greatest strength. What else do we need? Whatever bothers us today, let us keep that under His feet and wait for His deliverance. 

It is unfair if we are afraid of anything. Be joyful! Do not grieve! We have an Almighty God with whom all things are possible!!!


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