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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sustaining grace!

I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the Lord sustains me. Psalms 3 : 5

Good morning, friends!

You know how restless a King who rules his dynasty would be! Wars everywhere, troubles from his own son, etc… still made King David a true worshiper! It’s surprising to me how King David worshipped! I would think that King Solomon who was blessed with peace would have worshipped. But it is the reverse that happened! King David worshipped and remained the man after the Lord’s own heart. 

A few months back, I was working for my first on site project. Not to mention much about that project here as few of you already know about how it took away all my time. A normal human being has to sleep at least a few hours every night and has to have food at least twice a day. This hectic project took almost all the days and nights and gave me no real sleep or food. The reason why IT companies give holidays during the weekend is, to let their employees refresh themselves leaving all their project issues. But for me the weekends were much stressful than the Business week. I really didn’t live a life at all except the time I spent with some special friends in Nashville. 

Out of that 24/7 development project, I didn’t spend my time in the presence of the Lord. I always grumbled against the tough time I was going through forgetting the grace that He has given me in spite of all the hectic schedules. All the excuses I made during those days were, “I am busy.”

When you ask someone why they are not able to spend time in God’s presence, the first answer they would give is, “I am busy.” Why did David worship? Didn’t he have anything else to do? Psalms 3 : 5 - What a meaningful verse it is! King David said, “I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the Lord sustains me.” David clearly knew that amidst of every pain that he has gone through, he could sleep and get up only because the Lord sustained him. Just because he realized this truth, he was able to worship Him without making any excuses.

Recently in my Church the Pastor was talking about ‘The Delivering grace’ and ‘The Sustaining grace’! Which one is more important? David knew that the sustaining grace was the most important and so he was able to tell that “The Lord sustains me” especially when he was running from the eyes of his own son Absalom who tried killing his father.

Friends, there are many who commit suicide without able to bear their pains. But you & I are still surviving through the similar pains till now. We don’t take sleeping pills to sleep. We have no difficulty in getting up every day.  Do you think it is by our own strength? NO. Not at all. It is the Lord who sustains us, who strengthens our heart and keeping it from bursting out. His sustaining grace is more than enough for us than anything else to face the world. All we need to do is, to remember His sustaining grace and look up to Him for everything leaving aside all our lame excuses!



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