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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A grateful heart!

I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart. Psalms 9 : 1

My heart is filled with joy. I am thinking about it over and over again. J

My younger sister is doing her final year Engineering. She is staying away from my home for her studies. She reached my home yesterday and gave a parcel to both my dad and my mom. As soon as they opened it, they saw a beautiful saree for my mom and a shirt for my dad. My mom even thought that it was sent either by me or my brother. She was so surprised that those were bought by her before she boarded the bus to our hometown. 

To me, she is always a kid and so to my parents too. She and her friends are always so naughty and sometimes I worry about this. But this act of her shows that she behaves matured.

How great is my joy! I am sure my mom & dad too feel the same. The happiness is not because she bought something for them or saved her pocket money to buy dresses for them, but it is because how she was so thoughtful and she should have saved money for this for quite a few months. I am happy that the amount she has spent for them is way too much that I ever did even after working in IT industry for nearly 5 years. After all, she didn’t start working yet. Whether she meant this or not, to me it is like she has shown her gratefulness through this. She may forget this, but I am sure I and my mom & dad will never forget this.

Imagine how God would feel when He sees His children being thankful for all that He does in their lives! The one who never sleeps nor slumbers needs our attention. Just to have fellowship with someone, He created us. He looks up to us, waiting for the time when we would call up on His name!  More than the sacrifices & your offering, God needs you. Relationship gets stronger when enough time is spent. If you have fell down from the first love that you had for Him, then it is a gentle reminder that He still patiently waits for you!  Make Him happy!

Stay blessed!


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