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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Forgotten Diamond!

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.
John 3 : 16

Good morning to you all. This is a wonderful story I got from the Internet.

Ashley whispered in awe and wonder to her father, “Are you really giving this to me?” The thought that her father was giving her this priceless diamond seemed almost too much to comprehend. “Yes, my darling daughter, I am giving you that diamond. Love and cherish it, and keep it ever in your thoughts.” Ashley threw her arms around her father’s neck. How she loved him! She couldn’t imagine life without his love.

She guarded the diamond and spent hours gazing upon it, then went and told everyone she knew about her father’s marvelous love. Her heart of gratitude showed in everything she did. She was kind and loving toward others because her thoughts were focused on her father’s kindness to her. She was always eager to serve and praise her father because her thoughts were completely consumed with him.

Ever so gradually, Ashley began to become accustomed to the diamond she’d been given. Although the diamond itself never diminished in value one bit, she stopped thinking of it as much throughout her day. While she was still kind toward others and told others of her father’s love, she did so more from habit and duty than from gratitude and joy. Her words sounded like hollow recitations instead of heartfelt realities. When her friend reminded her about how much she talked about the diamond and about her father, Ashley knew how she had neglected his treasure. She had forgotten how beautifully it glittered and glistened! Her heart felt overwhelmed once again by the incredible gift that her father had given her. “Oh, Father, please help me to never forget!” she whispered, looking up in love and admiration into her father’s face.

Now just compare the diamond with the salvation, father with the Lord and the daughter with us. That’s what exactly happening. The Heavenly Father gave it to us (the worst of the sinners) free, at the cost of His only son, Jesus. We experienced the great peace, when our sins were forgiven. We delighted in His presence and we explained how great He was to us at the beginning. We didn’t realize how the time passed by when we were praying and meditating. We continuously gazed upon Him and rejoiced. But gradually, our love towards Him decreases. We think we don’t have too much time to have a fellowship with Him. We neglect His love and the free gift we received from Him, not by our power or might, but by His grace. In fact we totally forget how beautiful the Salvation was to us earlier. Every now and then, when we listen to some powerful sermons by powerful God’s people, we get goose bumps and we go back to Him. Or at the time when we need Him desperately for our rescue, we rush to His feet. When everyone ignores us and when we’re left alone, we long for Him and want Him to comfort us. How selfish we are! Just think of the Father’s love. When He proves again and again that He still loves us, is it a wrong that He expects that love in turn? Are we still in need of reminders to go back to Him? Reading daily devotions or 'meditating the Word and praying' just for the sake of doing is not at all enough. I know many Christians today just read a single verse from the promise calendar or a devotional email or daily bread and there they stop. It’s the wonderful celebration time. People spend lots of time in decorating their houses, getting ready for the Christmas programs, concerts, anything and everything except sitting at His lovely feet. Do you think it is right? It’s really a shame on us to forsake His only true love for us!


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