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Friday, December 11, 2009

Better late than never!

For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known. Luke 12:2

Good morning to you all.

Mr. Barnes was a very wealthy man. He often noticed a particularly fine herd of cattle. He paid for it with the agreement that the cow would be delivered to his estate the following day. The next day as Mr. Barnes was out for his morning walk he saw a young boy trying his hardest to lead the cow over to Mr. Barnes's field. The boy, who did not know Mr. Barnes, called to him. “Please sir, would you come and help me with this cow? She is so stubborn!”

Mr. Barnes went over to help. As they walked along together he asked the boy, “How much do you expect to get for delivering the cow?” The boy stammered, “I don’t know, but I'm sure to get something because the people who are buying the cow live in that house, and those people are very kind to everyone.” By now the stubborn cow was walking along nicely, so Mr. Barnes excused himself and took a path through a wooded area that led to his back door.

As soon as he got into the house he gave one of his trusted workers a fifty-dollar bill and told him to give it to the boy who was delivering the cow. After the cow had been left at the estate and the boy was returning to the ranch, Mr. Barnes went out again and met the boy on the road. “Well, how much did you get?” asked Mr. Barnes. “Five dollars,” answered the boy. “Only five dollars? You must have gotten more than that,” said Mr. Barnes. “No,” answered the boy, “that's what I was given, and that was plenty, don't you think?” “No,” said Mr. Barnes. “I'm surprised it wasn't more. I know Mr. Barnes well, and I believe that if you come back with me you'll get more than five dollars.”

The boy agreed, and they walked back to the house together. When they went in Mr. Barnes called his hired worker. Mr. Barnes said to the man, “Your dishonesty has cost you your job and your good name. I hope you soon learn that dishonesty is not only very foolish but a terrible sin as well.” And he fired him on the spot.

I hope no more words are needed, as the story very clearly says breaking up the loyalty is sin. When the Lord created Adam and Eve, He longed to commune with them. He trusted them and He left them in Eden garden. But they listened to the serpent and sinned. We’re all the sinners by default. No one teaches a kid to tell lies when he does something wrong. As he grows, automatically the lies list grows longer, by default and so the other lists too. Stop here and think once and ask yourself these questions. “Am I worthy of the trust my Lord has on me?” “Is there any place or situation where I make my Jesus feel shy?” “Am I worthy of His great love?” “Am I really loyal to Him?” “Am I honest up to His expectations?” Remember there comes one day, when all our sins are exposed. It’s not too late to confess them and get out of them.  

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