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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Father with the rod!

He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him. Proverbs 13 : 24

Good morning, friends.

Today morning, while washing my dress I found some stains on it. Though I washed each and every area of that dress, I gave more importance to the area where I found stain. I applied more and more washing soap over that area and brushed and brushed that again and again.

The other day, when I was boiling the milk, I was very careful to watch it continuously. But when I turned to take my Bible, the milk overflowed and spilled outside. 

I got two different messages from the above two incidents.

One:   Sometimes though we don’t commit the greater sins like murders, adultery, etc…, we often fall into smaller sins like telling lies just like that. We’ll also justify why we told lies. There is nothing like great sins and small sins. Every sin is equal. Satan is too wicked and he is like a roaring lion in search of a prey. The very next moment he sees something wrong with us, he will go to Jesus to make Him stand ashamed in front of him for our sins. So be careful all the time. That’s why Jesus asks us to watch and pray to not to enter into temptations. If you give up a small place for it, it’ll occupy you. If you say that you’ll be careful even if you stand in the temptation, no matter how careful you’re, you’ll fall just like the boiled milk spilled out when I turned for a second. The result will be miserable. We all know that the greatest enemy for one’s happiness is the guilty feeling he has in him after committing sin.

Two:   Sometimes you may feel that the Lord teaches you something, which you don’t like at all. A little son doesn’t like when his mom doesn’t allow him to touch knife. When he touches, his mom will ask him to leave it, very softly many times. But when he doesn’t pay attention, definitely his mom will spank him. It doesn’t mean she hates him, but it means she loves him and she doesn’t want him to get hurt by the knife. The same thing holds true with our Father in Heaven. He loves us like anything. But He spanks us sometimes, just like I brushed and applied soap and brushed and brushed again and again until I saw the stains disappeared. The ultimate aim was to get the dress clean. His ultimate aim is to cleanse us till He sees His image in us, just like a goldsmith refines and refines the gold till he gets it pure. He spanks us until we leave the knife (unwanted things) we took in our hands(hearts). 



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