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Monday, November 16, 2009

Elijah taken up to Heaven!

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day—and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing. 2 Timothy 4 : 7, 8

Good morning, friends.

When the LORD was about to take Elijah up to heaven in a whirlwind, Elijah and Elisha were on their way from Gilgal. Elijah said to Elisha, “Stay here; the LORD has sent me to Bethel” But Elisha said, “As surely as the LORD lives and as you live, I will not leave you.” So they went down to Bethel. The company of the prophets at Bethel came out to Elisha and asked, “Do you know that the LORD is going to take your master from you today?” “Yes, I know,” Elisha replied, “but do not speak of it.” The same happened when Elijah told Elisha that he was going to Jericho and Jordan. He followed wherever Elijah went.

At Jordan, Elijah took his cloak, rolled it up and struck the water with it. The water divided to the right and to the left, and the two of them crossed over on dry ground. When they had crossed, Elijah said to Elisha, “Tell me, what can I do for you before I am taken from you?” “Let me inherit a double portion of your spirit,” Elisha replied. “You have asked a difficult thing,” Elijah said, “yet if you see me when I am taken from you, it will be yours—otherwise not.” As they were walking along and talking together, suddenly a chariot of fire and horses of fire appeared and separated the two of them, and Elijah went up to heaven in a whirlwind.He picked up the cloak that had fallen from Elijah and went back and stood on the bank of the Jordan. Then he took the cloak that had fallen from him and struck the water with it. “Where now is the LORD, the God of Elijah?” he asked. When he struck the water, it divided to the right and to the left, and he crossed over. The company of the prophets from Jericho, who were watching, said, “The spirit of Elijah is resting on Elisha.” And they went to meet him and bowed to the ground before him.

These are the things which I get from the above.

One:    Elisha was the follower of Elijah whom he has chosen. I believe the follower will be sincere only when his master is sincere. The same happened with Elisha and Elijah. Elisha was sincere to follow his master even at his death. Elijah was that much dedicated, which automatically formed a dedicated follower Elisha. When you serve God sincerely with all your heart, mind and soul, definitely many will follow you. And you’ll be a good leader whom one can follow. You can lead others to Christ easily.

Two:    Jordan’s water divided just like the waters of Red Sea divided. They both walked on the dry ground. The Lord was with Elijah in whatever he did. This was because Elijah was with God. Be with God! He’ll be with you in all your steps. He’ll divide all your problems; allow you to overcome them all and multiply your peace and rest.

Three:    Elijah when he knew that he was going to be taken up didn’t confess his sins to enter into heaven. But he was taken up to Heaven. How was that possible? He remained a good one doing what was right in the eyes of the Lord.

Four:    Elijah never ignored his follower. He didn’t fail to recognize his sincerity. He granted Elisha a wish. He fulfilled his duty as a master. What about you? You may be a software professional or a teacher or a student or a wife or a husband. God has placed you where you’re today for a purpose. Are you fulfilling your duty everyday? I believe everyone knows that our prime duty is to be the witness of Him and to proclaim the good news of Christ.

Five:    Elijah raised a very wise follower, who asked him a very difficult and a rare thing. He didn’t ask money or fame or anything ordinary. But Elisha asked extraordinary thing. The double portion of anointing! Yes, if you’re anointed, you can raise many extraordinary anointed wise followers.

Six:    When Elijah was taken up to Heaven, he didn’t leave Elisha alone. Instead he left him with the double portion of anointing. Friends, you can never leave yours alone. Yours will definitely inherit what you’ve and above all, they will receive everything in multifold. But when? Only when you stand alone in righteousness, fight the good fight, finish your race with faith .

Do you believe it? The choice is yours. If your choice is yes and if you really want to be a blessing to others, the Lord is faithful enough to raise so many Elishas and widows of Zarephath.

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