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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Carry others' burden

Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2

Everything went smooth for me for the past few days. Praise God. :)

Today due to some official issues at work, I was very upset. While returning to my home, I decided to stay on the bus until it reached its last stop rather than getting off at my own stop. I thought this would give me some break from my anxiety. My decision didn’t change until I saw 2 people get on the bus & sit in the front seat. While I was still feeling worried, I saw them and something attracted me to them & their conversation. You know what? They spoke in sign language to each other. Though I was not able to understand anything, I knew that they conversed on whatever they saw. I felt really ashamed to have dwelled so much on the same problem again and again which had already been resolved by God’s grace.

When looking at these 2 people, I realized how blessed I am. I also realized that no matter how much God blesses me, I still give too much importance to the little things which bother me, while there are people out there with many problems which can’t be expressed by words. Getting up, going to office, working for a while, returning, worrying about our own problems, eating & sleeping shouldn’t be our routine. Now the real question comes! So what should someone do?

The answer is pretty simple! The burden which you and I have toward the suffering people will change us. We should not be completely immersed in our own problems. We should see beyond our own world. Let us at least start with our own friends and neighbors. Now another big question comes! When we ourselves are busy with our own schedules, without much contact with our friends, how can we know that they are in trouble? How can we pray about that?

Listen, the Lord didn’t destroy Sodom and Gomorrah without letting Abraham know of it. He didn’t allow famine throughout the world without preparing Joseph for those 7 years of drought. He didn’t want to silently destroy Nineveh, instead he sent Jonah to warn the people to come out of their wicked ways. God always wants to reveal the secrets with us when we are ready to stand for Him and His people in the gap.

I know many people who have visions from the Lord, and then suddenly have deep burden for someone. They know that something is going to happen with them. But still when they stand in prayer, the problems that are yet to come will not happen. When you get dreams & visions about you or someone else, don’t be worried or discouraged. God just gives you a heads-up and asks you to pray about it. Just carry their burdens as yours and pray for them as per Galatians 6:2! Your prayers can save them!

May God bless you!


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