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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Altar alters!!!

Pray without ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5 : 17

Good morning.

Recently I have been told about many unusual problems being faced by my family & my friends. Couples having issues with their marriages, diseases which scare everyone, young adults rebelling against their parents, being caught up by a suicidal spirit, etc.. The Bible says that Satan comes only to destroy like a roaring lion and he doesn’t know anything other than destruction. He is a wicked one who knows how to destroy everyone, no matter whether you’re in the Lord or in the world. There are plenty of tricks he can use to destroy the non-believers. They easily get caught in his cunning nets, whereas the believers cannot be destroyed that easily. So he plans so very cunningly to keep the praying ones from praying. He knows our weaknesses and how to keep us from praying. He distracts us with various matters and makes us lose our focus on God.

I am blessed by the Lord in every way possible. Each and every simple desire of my heart is being fulfilled by Him. The things which I always wanted, but never thought would happen, happened to me, purely by His grace and mercy. But instead of thanking Him and getting closer to Him, I still turned away from Him little by little until there came a point of not having regular fellowship with Him and spending time in His ways.

I recently chatted with one of my closest friends who has always been with me through all my good and bad. When she started telling me about the problems her family faces one after the other, I was really broken up. The only question that remained in me was, “what if I prayed?”

Time is precious. Every single day we spend without having a real burden for others, messes up everything. If you and I pray for our family and for our friends, we are protecting ourselves from all the evil things of the world. The Holy Spirit will help us pray for the things to come. We will be a blessing to everyone. The Bible asks us to pray without ceasing. You never want your friend to kill himself or herself due to the unbearable pain in their heart. You also never want to wait to pray until that happens. Do you? During a recent Sunday service, our Pastor, Pastor Russ, told us that the teens in the USA are cutting their wrists just to get themselves diverted from the pains and wounds they have in their hearts. When I can’t even bear the shallow hurts caused while cutting vegetables, how pathetic it is for someone to cut himself knowingly!

It’s the time to take Godly things seriously. What I have heard happening somewhere else in the world is now happening in our own lives and our close friends’ lives. What do you think is the only solution? JESUS! Yes, the rich and the poor, the hungry and the well fed, the young and the old, the bold and the timid, the white, the brown and the dark, the single and the married, no matter what, we all need Jesus. Going through the trials and tribulations all by ourselves is not at all easy. We need Jesus in our lives and in our friends’ lives today. He answers when we call Him. A very simple prayer can save anyone. Kneeling at the altar, alters our messy lives. Why don’t we try Him today? Kindly pray for the ones who share their pains with you. Be a blessing!

May God bless you!


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