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Friday, December 3, 2010

Victory belongs to Him!

The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the Lord. Proverbs 21:31

Good morning, friends. 

David, the youngest son of Jesse, a shepherd was sent by his father to bring back the news of his brothers, who were the soldiers serving in the army of Saul. When David went, all he could see was a giant Goliath who roared like a lion that his entire army would surrender if someone would fight against him boldly and kill him, but if he fails then the entire kingdom would be his army's. No one dared to go against him in fear, including the first king of Israelites, Saul. 

David was a very young one, but when he saw an uncircumcised man shouting at the Lord's children he asked who he was to defy the army of the living God. He went up to Saul and said that he would go fight against Goliath. When Saul questioned him how he would be doing this being so young, he didn't hesitate to reply that he has always killed lions and bears when he took care of his father's sheep. He didn't stop there. He also added that the Lord who saved him from the paws of those wild beasts would rescue him from Goliath.

He didn't take any of the weapons the king gave him. Instead he just took a sling and five stones. Goliath laughed at him. But you all know what happened. Yes, David proclaimed boldly, "You have come with spear and javelin. But I come with the Lord's strength. I'll kill you and everyone will know that it is the Lord who saves. It is not by the spear or by the javelin, but by Him, because the battle is His."

When Goliath approached him, he took a stone and slung it and struck the forehead of the Philistine. With one shot, Goliath was dead. 

Was it not amazing? Do you think you're struggling with your own problems today? Never mind, because it is not your battle. It is His. He will gain victory on it. No one can stand against the Lord Almighty. The situation I'm writing this is very difficult, my friend. I feel like I'm not fit for the role I'm playing in my project. But whenever I think of giving up on it, it is only the Lord's strength that sustains me and allows me not to give up. Then He reminds me of all that He has done. On November 27 I completed my four years of work in my company, but I never realized it because of my busy schedule. When I got an email from my batch mate wishing everyone, I was reminded that I've been working for 4 long years with nothing out of my knowledge. Not only in work, but in everything I've seen God's hand. He never let me down in front of others. He is always good to me. When I think of His goodness and mercies, I don't care about my potential, be it really small, I should not mind it. When I'm weak, He is strong! Amen? Only then I can boldly say, "It is not by my strength nor by my power, but by Him." David never was used to spears and javelins which were mandatory those days for a battle. But all he had was, 5 stones and a sling. Moses didn't have anything except a stick. But God used those simple things and proved that He is mighty. 

You serve the same Lord today. His power the same yesterday, today and forever. Don't give up! Your Lord is with you and He will lead you to victory. 

Be blessed and be a blessing! P.S: This is the first Today's Word of God I'm sending from my brand new laptop. I've reserved the laptop afresh to first send God's Word. God enabled me to send this today. :)


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