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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Do yourself a favor!!!

"There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus ..." Romans 8:1

Good morning, friends. Today let us read an incident told by Dr. David (Paul) Yonggi Cho.

One beautiful couple met Dr. Cho. The wife (let us say 'X') looked so depressed. The holy spirit reminded Dr. Cho to ask her about her past. But she refused to reveal it. When Cho told that he would help only if she could open up her heart about her past, she started pouring out. After her parents died at her early years, she was brought up by one lady who had a daughter who got married and when she was away from her husband for her delivery, this X and her sister's husband fell in love with one another and crossed their limits. After that incident, her sister's husband called her again and again and she too cooperated as she was afraid that he would leak things out. Later she got fed up with his relationship and she left him far away and started to lead a new life with a new job, a good husband and loving children. Everything went out good, but this lady was very depressed as she got reminded of that man who had wrong relationship with her whenever her husband loved her. Whenever her children hugged and loved her, she was guilty that she was not at all worthy of their love. When Cho heard that, he asked her to simply forgive herself for what happened.

Now let us read something about the conversation of Mr. R.T. Kendall with Joyce Meyer.

Mr. R.T. Kendall says, "The devil loves it when we are living in condemnation. When you're not forgiving yourself you're helping the devil do his job. Because he is called as an accuser of the brothers in Revelation chapter 12. So when you're accusing yourself, the devil can just go off for a vacation, because you're doing his job for him. We're commanded to forgive ourselves by believing what Jesus Christ did on the cross. When you forgive others, you're giving a gift which they don't deserve it. Don't feel guilty of what you did in the past. I say, give yourself a gift of forgiveness which you don't deserve. This is what the Lord wants you to do. Just set yourself free."

Only in this way you can feel the joy and peace our Savior has for you. Unless you forgive yourself remembering the Savior on the cross and his cleansing power, you are easily prone to devil's work, just like our body is viable to any disease when our immune system collaps when the WBC count drops. So please don't give satan a chance.



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