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Friday, September 21, 2012

The passing clouds

 Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning. Psalm 30 : 5b

Recently I went to Orlando to see some of my American friends as they gathered to present some topics on BusinessObjects. Okay, no more technical talk here. J

I boarded the flight and got a window seat. And the flight was during daylight hours, so I just looked out the window the whole time, thinking how I could spend 5 days with my friends. One thing struck my mind as I looked at the sky. This is a picture which I took during the trip when the sky was pretty clear.

This revealed so many truths. I pray that this would help you and yours.

1. I saw the giant buildings and trees diminishing in their sizes as the plane took off and started flying higher and higher. After a few minutes, I could not see them at all.

Sometimes, the problems we face seem to be the toughest problem anyone could ever face. The truth is, that the same problem has different levels of complexities in different people. For a guy, not having a job might be the toughest problem, whereas for a girl, it might not be a problem; rather, her relationship issues may consume her days and nights. So everyone has problems in one way or another, yet, we all are on a journey.

After years pass by, we may even forget those trials that we went through. I am sure no one remembers every pain they had undergone, which they thought would destroy their life. Yes, the giant problems just seem forgotten. The world say that time heals all wounds. But as Christians, we know that it is God who sustains us and helps us through our trials. This is because the big problems which we face today may look very small or even negligible in the eyes of the big God we serve. And for Him nothing is impossible.

2. The flight path was not known to me. All I knew was my starting terminal and the destination airport. The pilot took care of the route.

In life, sometimes everything looks scary. We don’t know where we are heading. But remember the God who has engraved us on the palm of His hands has the complete picture of our future. We may not know the plans and things that He has for us, but we know that we have a God who already has plans to prosper us and not to harm us. Yes, don’t worry about what you will do tomorrow, because your Pilot, God, takes care of all your burdens and helps you to reach your destination.

3.  The sky and its beautiful clouds filled my eyes with wonders. Clouds were not everywhere. And they did not stay in one place. Some clouds were bright and some were dark.

Sometimes we feel so happy when things happen positively. Other times we are very sad when things didn’t happen the way we wanted. Ups and downs in life are quite normal. The Bible never promised that we will not have problems at all. But it promises that God will help us overcome them all. Just like the clouds moving on as per the wind direction, these situations that bother you will move on. They are just the passing clouds. You’re not a finished piece, God is still working in you. Don’t focus on these passing clouds for they will move on; instead open your faith eyes and claim the promises He has given you in the past. Believe that He is a God who never lies and whatever He has spoken to you, He will bring to pass in your life.

4. I didn’t travel alone. I had fellow passengers, the flight attendants & the pilot with me.

So, last but not least, you’re not alone in your journey. There are several others who travel their journeys along with you. Above all, your Pilot is coming with you. You’re the apple of His eye! So anything that bothers you bothers Him too. He knows how to take care of it. You cannot rely on mortal men, but you can certainly rely on God who is the solution to all problems.

May God bless you!


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