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Monday, January 3, 2011

Count your blessings!

You would be fed with the finest of wheat; with honey from the rock I would satisfy you. Psalms 81:16

I’m glad to share what I’m experiencing recently!

Before my journey to Nashville one thing I greatly worried about was I didn’t know anyone here and the client was also new. On the other side I felt happy because many worship leaders are living in and around Nashville so I could attend their concerts.

When a few days were left out for my travel to USA, I heard that one of the friends whom I knew from a fellowship works at Nashville and contacted him. Believe me, I was not accustomed with any of the modern devices, not even the dryer and washer, vacuum cleaners, bath tubs, piped gas stoves, etc… He taught me all the basic things that I needed and left me at the hotel. Finding a girl roommate in Nashville is pretty tougher, but at the second week of my stay at hotel, God brought me a wonderful roommate and as soon as she went back to India, He brought another one who now stays with me at my apartment.

I’m able to attend Church every Sunday with the help of my friend. I even shared a short testimony during the New Year service. I have 2 wonderful clients at work who believe in Christ. They are glad to speak to me about Christ. One took me to her Church and the other one even came to my apartment with a blanket when I said I was not able to bear the cold. Above all, she prays for me that I should stay warmer at her 2 AM. Isn't it wonderful? When I was thinking to attend a few concerts, God opened a door for me even to stay at one of the worship leaders (Lenny LeBlanc) to celebrate my first Christmas in USA. Amazingly Chuck from Don Moen’s team also has invited me to his house. I’m planning to visit his family sooner.

Everyday God soothes me a lot when I feel like I’m alone. I’m getting a wonderful chance to listen to many songs that uplift Jesus on high! I remember the times I hurried to my company library to send out the devotional emails. Now I have many chances to send Today’s Word of God as I have 2 laptops. :)

Initially everything seemed to frustrate me, but then I’m noticing God’s hand in all the areas. I could boldly say that I’m more than blessed now. Whenever I start worrying about my work, I’m thinking of how God has guided me thus far. So I believe that the one who was with me till now will also be with me forever and will help me come out with flying colors. When God calls you somewhere, He will never leave you hopeless. Whenever you’re afraid, count your blessings one by one, even before you cross 5, your fear will run away from you. The one who fed Elijah through ravens will also feed you with the finest of the wheat and with the honey!

May God bless you!


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