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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jesus' Word 3 on the cross

Jesus saw his own mother, and the disciple standing near whom he loved, he said to his mother, "Woman, behold your son". Then he said to the disciple, "Behold your mother". And from that hour, he took his mother into his family. John 19: 26, 27

Good morning, friends.

One fine day when the Church was full of its members worshiping God, a gang of folks came in with pistols and shouted, “Those who want their lives can go out, else be ready to be shot dead.” That’s all. Everyone stopped their worship and started running towards the door, forgetting their own children who sat next to their friends.

Jesus’ third Word on the cross gives us how great His love towards His family in spite of the pain he bore on His body and soul. He cared for His own mother even when he felt the unbearable pain. He was much satisfied when He handed His mother to John, the disciple whom He loved very much. He didn’t ask His mother to go with someone else, but to a great one who loved the Lord and shone for Him.

This tells us very clearly that we’re responsible for whatever happens to our family members. If they’re going astray, it is you and me who need to pray even more for them. Sometimes I feel content after transferring my salary to my mom and dad. I don’t usually take off / time to go to my hometown often. But I know very clearly that sending money alone doesn’t make them feel happy. They need our love and care.

A young man found his son packing up an old blanket and some stuffs. He went to his son and asked, “What are you doing?” He was shocked when his boy said, “I’m packing this for you so that I can leave you at old-age home when I marry.”

It’s really shameful to see the young people leaving their mom and dad who spent almost all of their time, love and everything to bring them up. Listen! Your children watch you more carefully and you’re the root cause of how they would behave.

Paul clearly says that if one is not guiding for his own family, he is not eligible to be the member of priests/deacons in the Church. Jesus very clearly says that when we have something against our own brother, we have to keep our offering aside and go to the brother to be reconciled first before offering something to the Lord. Solomon in Proverbs very clearly says that a wise woman first fulfills her duty to her family. Where do you stand today? Are you really loyal to your own family? How much do you love them? If no, then you definitely need to troubleshoot yourself and find out what hinders/degrades your love towards your family and friends. 


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