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Friday, March 5, 2010

Be a doer!

We must pay more careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away. Hebrews 2:1

Good morning, friends.

I’m working for a new project since the last month. I’m the only one working from my organization interacting with the client teams at on-site. This is altogether a very different project. Clients give knowledge transfer everyday and they assign some tasks to me. When I listen to them over the phone, or when I watch them doing things on their system, I’ll be pretty sure they’re very easy to perform. But when they all go to sleep assigning me the same tasks, I’ll be in such a pathetic situation if I get stuck somewhere. Mostly I’ll hesitate to wake them up at night. But if I face any problem, there is no way I can perform the tasks which need to be done at the scheduled times. So what we planned is, whatever they tell me, I’ll do in front of them by remote desktop sharing and once they feel I’m comfortable, they’ll go for a happy nap. This is how I learn and implement things as this is the start.

When I read Hebrews 2:1, I really understood why Paul insisted us to pay more attention to what we hear. The more we lend our ears, the more careful we listen. But what is the use of hearing all the time? When we don’t implement what we hear and what we are taught, if we’re left alone, certainly there comes a day when we are digging a deep pit for ourselves. When I say ‘left alone’ I really mean it. It is very easier for me to be good in front of others. I know how to speak when others look at me. I know how to do things when I see someone next to me. But what I do when none is with me, is what that matters. God gives instructions to us through His Word. As Paul says, we have to listen to what the Lord speaks to us when we read Bible or when we hear ministers preaching to us. Mere listening is not enough. That’s why the Bible clearly asks us to ‘Be a doer’. When you implement things by your own, you’ll really know your own potential. If you’re lacking anything, you can ask God the wisdom you need. Still if we are just listeners, it is much clear that we’re going to be drifted away. We have to stand firm in our faith, else we’ll not stand at all. To stand against the wrong desires and all the other unwanted stuff, we should not be just a listener. Did you ever think of Paul and his ministry? He was a great persecutor, but when God spoke to him ONCE, his life got completely transformed. How many years are we hearing to great preachers? How many times have we read the Bible completely? But still, we are nowhere nearer to Paul. Why? We pathetically fail to implement. My suggestion to you and me is ‘read one letter of Paul everyday.’ And be a doer!


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